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May 29, 2016

A few cartoons

December 13, 2012

ideas for my best-seller

10.04.2009 – Well, I’d buy them …



December 7, 2012

my first fountain pen


defining moments 11 missed out

November 30, 2012

the best part of the week

defining moments 8

November 26, 2012

personality tests I have failed


There’s a website, Authentic Happiness,  that really annoys me and which inspired this cartoon:

Since publishing this cartoon on my blog [now defunct], I have been asked things like ‘Did you actually take those personality tests?’ and ‘Why don’t you like that website? You should try harder to join.’ (This, from my partner.) Also, ‘That cartoon shows a lot of self-awareness.’

So the answer to the first question is, no, I didn’t do the questionnaires. Also, just to be clear, since I have obviously failed in the purpose of this cartoon, which was to make fun of the Authentic Happiness people in their relentless pursuit of positive thinking, you don’t actually have to pass these tests to join some kind of happiness club, they are for self-awareness/development purposes only.

I dislike personality, psychological and aptitude tests, as I have a long history of failing them. For my statistics class at University, we did a lot of these tests to generate data to analyse. I was always an outlier – at the ‘educationally sub-normal’ or ‘uh-oh, mental!’ end of the normal distribution.

There’s a horrible personality test called the Big 5, which evaluates you along 5 dimensions: Openness (intellect), Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism. What I learned about myself from this test was that I was naïve, feckless, an introvert (which apparently means ‘more likely to turn out to be a serial killer’), high-maintenance and emotionally unstable, i.e. destined to end up an unemployable spinster.

For the next couple of decades, I adopted a strategy of minimizing self-awareness, of refusing to recognise what the tests had revealed about me. This worked quite well, and I managed to earn a living and have relationships by convincing potential employers, boyfriends and sometimes myself that I was outgoing, easygoing and completely committed to whatever it was they were proposing. However, this was exhausting, and I just couldn’t keep it up. My true nature always asserted itself eventually.

Then I did the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, which unlike the Big 5 test, isn’t arranged in terms of positive and negative ends of a spectrum, but goes from good to … differently good. According to this test I’m an intuitive introvert, who prioritises human factors over objective logic, with a high tolerance for uncertainty. In other words, an independently-minded woman who is better suited to self-employment. That I can live with.


Today I read a review of this book, and was inspired to dig up my old cartoon:

November 25, 2012

how to deal with figures before you can count


November 23, 2012

the house mum grew up in


November 21, 2012

from the ridiculous to the morbid

05.03.2011  Saturday

I wonder if I have an alter ego? If so I wish she’d come out and show herself.

My life feels like a bad story that no one wants to read. There’s no beginning or middle or end. Or rather, the middle is just one gigantic boring bit.

If the experience of working at XXXXcompany was like being at war, then I was plagued with captains who would lead me to my certain death.

What if the doodles I’m doing, the scribbles which I then carefully colour in, are some sort of reflection of the state of my circulatory system and I’m going to die of an aneurism, like dad? Then people can look at my paintings and say “she knew she was going to die and didn’t tell anyone.”

November 15, 2012

points for effort


November 13, 2012

true math trauma

20.01.2008 – How I learned about the law of diminishing returns

October 30, 2012

facial wear and tear at work


October 29, 2012

my origin story

31.01.2008 – Click to enlarge

October 28, 2012

Still so true


October 25, 2012

what do YOU smell in a glass of wine?


October 18, 2012

wine doodles























October 16, 2012

doodling while on the phone


October 16, 2012

drawing of my reaction to an email I received


October 16, 2012

a visual metaphor for how I’m feeling


October 16, 2012

don’t pick me, don’t pick me

Tuesday 13.03.12

Table topics this evening is enough to put anyone off Toastmasters. One person has to personify a plant and the other has to personify an animal, then together they have to find what the symbiotic relationship between them is. I am scribbling this in the hope that this will signal that I don’t want to be called. Fuck, my name tag is in front of me, so I can’t hide behind anonymity. This guy doesn’t look like he’s sensitive to body language.