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November 23, 2012

the house mum grew up in


November 13, 2012

true math trauma

20.01.2008 – How I learned about the law of diminishing returns

October 18, 2012

they’re nothing to do with me


One of my sister T.’s memories about going holiday with the family was when they missed the overnight train from Milan to Paris. I wasn’t there, although it feels like my memory. My mother and four children, including 3 small ones, were waiting on a train platform late at night to catch another night train to Paris. They wouldn’t have had couchettes to look forward to, or even booked places, they wouldn’t have had any food or water, or anything that would offer any comfort, since mum would have been in charge of packing. There would have been luggage all over the place, and no obvious way of transporting so much with so many small children. At least one of the small children would have been crying. They would all have looked scruffy. Not dirty exactly, but unkempt. T remembers a man looking askance at them all and remarking to his companion “I hope I’m not expected to travel with that bunch of gypsies.” T remembers stepping away from the family, not wishing to be associated. I wonder how old she would have been – 16?

October 18, 2012

10 defining moments


  1. at school, doing worse at my math test after studying than when I didn’t do anything
  2. losing the creativity contest at the conference to the Sausage Eating team, whose idea was “eat sausages”. Our idea was for pasta that would change colour when it cooked. How could we not win?
  3. Going from deciding I’m surrounded by cretins and morons at the beginning of the conference to thinking I’m surrounded by the most brilliant people ever
  4. Having M tell me he loved me the first time we slept together
  5. passing my Financial Strategy exam
  6. when dad died he became Saint Dad, while mum became The Evil One
  7. being with S. and A., how I can flip between being all sweetness with A to superbitch with S. I’m like one of those really annoying people who baby talk to their dogs and are horrible to everyone else.
  8. My boyfriend dumped me, the bags in which I’d stored all my summer clothes were stolen, my dog died, I thought I’d never smile again, and then I met my baby niece, Clementine
  9. Having my wishes come true, and then realising how superficial my desires had been
  10. how I go from being wildly opinionated to having no opinions at all