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October 26, 2012

message to future me: “You’ve been brainwashed!”


I’ve discovered where you can write letters to your future self.

Why would you write to your future self? What would you write? This is what I asked my students today. These are the sensible answers they came up with:

  • notes from a younger you, reminding you not to make the same mistakes
  • to test the strength and endurance of your convictions over time
  • to remind yourself of the reasons you think/believe something
  • to remember who you were in the past

Nicola suggested you could use it to play tricks on your future self by sending yourself messages like “You’ve been brainwashed!” or “You are actually a man!”

What if you started receiving letters from yourself in the past and you have no recollection of writing them? How weird would that be? What if they were telling you about buried treasure?