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October 17, 2012

elements for wine-tasting bingo

24.03.10 Wine Exhibition, Villa Favorita, Verona

  • is the wine aged in: a cask, an old cask, a barrel, (extra points for using local wood varieties in the production of the barrels) in steel containers, in terracotta amphorae, in terracotta amphorae underwater
  • how long the wine is left to macerate on the grape skins. And why did you decide to do that anyway?
  • treatments: how much sulfate? copper? did you sexually confuse the butterflies?
  • are the grapes grown on terraces, on steep slopes, at high altitudes, in a microclimate
  • are the grapes indigenous?
  • fancy schmancy stuff: have you used red wine production methods with white grapes? Have you decided not to filter your wine?
  • does it have “natural” smells? (horse shit, chicken shit, etc.)
  • Is it “natural”? Is it organic? Are the grapes grown using biodynamic methods?
  • are the grapes allowed to shrivel on the vine, or in crates?
  • the bottle: is your bottle a cool shape? Does it have a big dimple? Do you have a nice label?
  • How old is the wine? Does it have a good nose? Finish? Good legs?
  • Colour: transparency, lightness, rim or meniscus …
  • elegant or complex? Alcohol levels…
  • Are the grapes used grown by the producer? How old are the vines? Is there a cru?
  • Once you’ve opened the bottle, do you want to finish drinking it?
  • Big or small producer? Do they tell good stories? Are they a slave to market forces or rugged individualists and pioneers? Do they use easy or difficult grapes? Are they dressed as sommeliers? Is that annoying? Do they like drinking? Do they spit the wine out? I will judge you…