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November 20, 2012

The joy of mindlessness

12.03.2011 Sunday – from my journal

At some point yesterday I was reading about mindfulness. Being mindful is about paying attention to things, about really listening, really noticing. That’s what I’ve been paid all these years to do on behalf of other people. It’s exhausting. It’s just so much easier being mindless. Isn’t it easier to not think about things, just react as they happen? But then there’s that business about needing to keep body and soul together.

A lot of jobs require you to be mindful, on behalf of other people. Because you can’t be mindful about everything. No-one has that kind of attention, that’s why you need doctors, shrinks, consultants, lawyers, accountants. The irony is, the more time you spend being mindful, the more you have to spend on people being mindful on your behalf.

November 1, 2012

blogs I have spent entire days reading


An analysis of my blog-reading habits. And when I say “days on end reading,” I mean that, literally. In my pyjamas, becoming progressively more feral.

1. These are blogs I spent days on end reading when I discovered them, and the only 3 blogs I keep up with. The two main things they have in common is that they post regularly, and the posts are short, which is good, given my goldfish-like attention span.

2. Below are blogs I spent days on end reading when I discovered them. Blogs 1-4 I admire for their brilliant story-telling, humour and quality of writing. Blogs 8-10 are cartoon blogs. Dude, I’m an Aspie, in addition to being a clever, minimalist cartoon, taught me a lot about what it means to have Asperger Syndrome. As did blogs 11 and 12.

  1. parma violet tea
  2. tired dad
  3. belgian waffle
  4. defective yeti
  5. the trephine – the most interesting blog I’ve yet read about writing, being a woman, and trying to have integrity
  6. the idler – specifically, Tom Hodgkinson’s ‘a country diary’
  7. scott adams – I get Dilbert mailed to me daily as well
  8. indexed
  9. cartoon church – I am not religious, but I love this blog
  10. dude, I’m an aspie
  11. aspie strategy
  12. asperger’s diary

3. Blogs I regret spending days on end reading: blogs 1 and 2 are highly addictive if you’re feeling lazy and inadequate. They don’t stop you being lazy and inadequate, but while you’re reading them, they give you the illusion you are doing something useful.

  1. 4 hour work week
  2. lifehack

4. Blogs I have not spent any time reading, in spite of a nagging feeling that I should:

Anything to do with consultancy, more specifically, creativity, innovation and  change management, with the possible exception of creative think. Maybe it’s because the blogs in this field are written by desperate, self-employed people like me, and the overall tone is one of forced self-aggrandizement.

My theory is that in this field you cannot be good at what you do AND be good at marketing yourself. That’s what I tell myself every time I force myself to re-read anything I have ever written about work.